About IPM

What is the ILMC Production Meeting (IPM)?

The ILMC Production meeting (IPM) brings together leading professionals from the live event production community around the world.

Having run as a stand-alone event for 15 years, key elements of IPM will take place within the International Live Music Conference (ILMC) in 2023, with a planned return the following year.

IPM was first formed to bring the production sector closer to the broader industry, and with IPM debates, working lunches, mini keynotes and networking drinks within the main ILMC schedule, this ethos will remain very much in place from 1-3 March 2023.

IPM benefits from close connection with the leading production managers from around the globe (IQ’s ‘Gaffers’) whose input is vital and supplements IPM’s own programming committee.

All of this ensures that debate throughout the day is up-to-the-minute, with the most progressive discussions on issues affecting live event production.

What began fifteen years ago as a focused roundtable meeting between invited production professionals now encompasses towards 400 of the world’s top production managers, sound and lighting engineers, venue personnel, suppliers and promoters’ representatives. Delegates attend from over 35 countries, as far afield as Australia, Africa and the Middle East.

A daughter event to the main International Live Music Conference (ILMC), IPM takes place the day before ILMC with a series of dedicated panels (all with a clear international focus), a networking lunch and closing drinks. Open dialogue from across the production world is actively encouraged, and the vast majority of delegates are present in all of the meetings.

Recent topics have included Covid Mitigation and its effect on touring production, green issues and sustainability, construction and design management, health and safety, inclement weather, education and international touring. The IPM 15 agenda discussed topics such as how to support newcomers in the industry, crowd management, energy use, welfare and mental health at events, risk mitigation and looked at how businesses were dealing with the current challenges of shortages in the industry. Full summaries can be found in the reports section.

IPM Advisory Group

The ILMC Production Meeting (IPM) is steered by a group of leading production professionals, the IPM Advisory Group. Members of the group give up their time freely to ensure the IPM agenda is both focused and relevant to the production community.

All working production professionals at the top of their game, the Advisory Group members are a sounding board for ideas, while also raising many topics during IPM’s planning period in the autumn.

The IPM Advisory Group is chaired by venue consultant Carl A H Martin (cahm.uk), a tireless champion of the IPM who has been deeply involved with the event for many years; and the long-time producer of the event Sytske Kamstra.

The IPM Advisory Group is:

Ashtie Wendra (Indonesia)
Brigitte Fuss, Megaforce (DE)
Bryan Grant, Britannia Row (UK)
Dan Craig, Superstruct Entertainment (UK)
David NG Lawrence (Portugal)
Debbie Taylor (US)
Graham Brown, Brown Fox Comms (UK)
Greg Parmley, ILMC (UK)
Jon Corbishley, The Safety Officer Pty Ltd (AU)
Keith Wood, Production Solutions (UK)
Lina Ugrinovska, Banana & Salt (Macedonia)
Lisa Ryan, EFM Global Logistics (UK)

Liz Madden, NoNonsense Group (UK)
Martin Goebbels, Miller Insurance Services LLP UK)
Martina Pogačić, Show Production Limited (HR)
Mary Shelley-Smith, Eat To the Beat (UK)
Meagan Walker, Rod Laver Arena (AU)
Okan Tombulca, eps holding GmbH (DE)
Paul Sergeant, OBE, ASM Global (AU)
Penny Mellor, Health, Safety & Welfare at Events (UK)
Renatas Nacajus, ISEG (LT)
Roger Barrett, Star Live (UK)
Tony Hayes, Arena Birmingham (UK)
Wob Roberts, The Invisible Solution / TPG (UK)

IPM is produced by freelance production professional Sytske Kamstra, who also produces E3S and the EuroSonic conference, and is a professional yoga teacher.