IPM Team

IPM 2021

Sustainable Production; Gaffer Q&A's Part 1 & 2; Health & Mental Health: Of Sound Body & Mind; We Don't Need Education: Erm...Yes, you do!; Let's Get on With It

IPM 2020

Challenges of Expanding Markets; Stage Production, Design & Decor; Production in Small Venues; Consequences of Show Cancellations

IPM 2019

Mental & Physical Wellbeing of Production Crews; Challenges in International Touring; The Movement of Goods, People & Money; Advancing & Information Sharing

IPM 2018

Changes & Challenges in Worldwide Production; Welfare for Workers: Work in Progress; Places & Spaces: The Big Venue Discussion; Supply & Demand - an Imbalance?

IPM 2017

Weather the Long-Range Forecast, Welfare for Workers, The Unprofessionals: A business reality? Terror, Safety and Security: The World Today

IPM 2016

Communication Breakdown; International travel planning; The Wheels on the Bus Go Round: Transport spotlight; Our House in the Middle of Our Street: Venue Management 2.0