First Agenda Topics Announced

Here’s a sneak preview of some of the topics slated for the forthcoming IPM…

Veterans & Rookies
As new generations enter the workplace, how do we ensure mutual understanding and respectful dialogue between them and the old guard? This first panel will take a look at the vital topic of communication across the generations, and how – whether seasoned or fresh out of uni – everyone has knowledge to impart.

The Power of Energy
How will power look in the future, and how will that affect us and our events? With the focus now on renewable energies, what should we be using? How do we deal with immediate problems such as availability, practicality, and expensive fuel prices etc. Bringing in the experts to discuss how, in the touring and live events industry, do we improve the situation, for everyone from XS to XXL stakeholders (events, bands, venues, suppliers etc)?

Covid & Brexit: The Perfect Storm
With the simultaneous challenges of Covid and Brexit, the industry has suffered innumerable issues from crew and resource shortages to logistical problems. How do we attract old staff and new to an industry with a reputation for long hard working hours and low pay? And, in the spirit of collaboration, we will consider the outcomes from discussions held at EPIC (ESNS) and Pollstar Live dealing with supply-chain issues, as we ask the all-important question: What are we actually doing to build back better? What have we learned and how are we applying this?

In addition to these, there will also be the usual Production Notes presentations, Q&As, and, for the first time, an entire day of E3S (Event Safety & Security Summit) programming dedicated to event safety and security.