IPM Reports


Reviews of each IPM are published shortly after each event, summarising the key findings of each discussion, and identifying any relevant action points. In addition to this, specific documents may be circulated between delegates after being presented at the event.

For reviews of specific IPM events and panels, please use the links below…

IPM 2022

IPM 15 was packed to the rafters with panels, productions notes, tabletop and a Q & A. IPM 15 full programme: Panel: A Seat at the Table, Veterans and Rookies...
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IPM 2021

Sustainable Production; Gaffer Q&A's Part 1 & 2; Health & Mental Health: Of Sound Body & Mind; We Don't Need Education: Erm...Yes, you do!; Let's Get on With It

IPM 2020

Challenges of Expanding Markets; Stage Production, Design & Decor; Production in Small Venues; Consequences of Show Cancellations

IPM 2019

Mental & Physical Wellbeing of Production Crews; Challenges in International Touring; The Movement of Goods, People & Money; Advancing & Information Sharing

IPM 2018

Changes & Challenges in Worldwide Production; Welfare for Workers: Work in Progress; Places & Spaces: The Big Venue Discussion; Supply & Demand - an Imbalance?

IPM 2017

Weather the Long-Range Forecast, Welfare for Workers, The Unprofessionals: A business reality? Terror, Safety and Security: The World Today

IPM 2016

Communication Breakdown; International travel planning; The Wheels on the Bus Go Round: Transport spotlight; Our House in the Middle of Our Street: Venue Management 2.0

IPM 2015

CDM; Weather, Gravity, & Temporary Structures; Proven tech & new developments affecting the production industry; Fatigue risks assessed