E3S Crowd Management Tabletop – pt 1

E3S Crowd Management Tabletop – pt 1

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The first two sessions of the day comprise a pair of interactive scenario-based tabletops, where participants will work around their tables in groups taking on specific roles in the identified environment. The two sessions will each focus on a single environment. The first an outdoor music festival and the second an indoor arena event. Site maps, audience profiles, information on weather, threat levels, capacities, ingress, egress possibilities and both generic and idiosyncratic elements will be provided.

Over the two sessions bespoke scenarios will be introduced and unfold. Each scenario will comprise three inserts. The teams will work through the inserts in real time and create interoperable solutions for the challenges. During each scenario the teams will have the opportunity to feedback the solutions to the wider workshop.

The sessions will welcome those working in Health & Safety, security, production, agency, management, promoters, venues and freelancers. All attendees will be assigned roles, and work in groups to consider and solve challenges. The goal of the session is cross-sector learning as well as improved communication and mutual understanding.

Some of those taking part may not be in a role that they are familiar with, and this adds to the parallel learning capabilities of the session. The “learning in the round” philosophy is used at all times where the participant, the expert and the facilitators in the groups constantly switch learning roles and interact together and with other groups.

This combined interactive tabletop has been created and is delivered by the Yourope Event Safety Group (YES) & Mind Over Matter Consultancy (MOM) with; Pete Dalton (UK), Coralie Bereal (BE), Sabine Funk (DE), Chris Kemp (UK), Andy Mestka (CH), Henrik Nielsen (DK), Morten Therkildsen (DK), Alexandra Von Samson (DE) and Pascal Viot (CH)