MEGA PANEL PT 1: Covid & Brexit: The Perfect Storm

MEGA PANEL PT 1: Covid & Brexit: The Perfect Storm

With the simultaneous challenges of both Covid and Brexit, the industry has suffered innumerable issues from crew and resource shortages to logistical problems.

A) Working 9 to 5 – With many crew members who were laid off during the early stages of the pandemic have been enticed into other industries by the promise of better pay, better working conditions and social working hours, does the event industry need to raise the standards of staff care.

How do we attract old staff and new to an industry with a reputation for long hard working hours and low pay?

B) Are we really building back better?
An update on the industry’s efforts to build back better. We will look at sustainability and ask if we are really doing enough to minimise our carbon footprint as an industry. Or are the measures taken perfunctory and really all about money?

C) What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!
What positive effects has Covid had on the industry? What have we learned? What changes have been embraced that have had a positive effect going forward? Such as new technologies; an industry-wide focus on sustainability and building the business back better; the prevalence of working from home, and how that has been embraced worldwide and led us to spend more time with families and friends. And how much more resilient we all are. And how much more prepared we’ll be next time the shit hits the fan (pun intended).